There are many examples of short-term medical missions that provide healthcare to a developing nation for one or two weeks, but unfortunately they fall woefully short of providing a significant and lasting positive change to the overall health and well-being of many areas they visit. The limiting factor in these efforts has always been the lack of dedicated medical practitioners that would devote themselves to serving a geographic area that is underserved. When a healthcare provider from the United States or Europe does make the commitment to move to an area like this, they are usually handicapped by a number of factors, including lack of language skills, misunderstanding of the culture, and being used to practicing medicine with resources that are not available or practical in their clinical setting. As a consequence they find themselves frustrated with the lack of impact and success, and they become disenchanted and leave.


The mission of Luke’s Brigade has a different approach.  We want to teach medical care and first aid instruction to individuals in third world countries and spread the gospel of Christ. The means for accomplishing this mission may involve training of paramedical personnel, short-term medical missions, class instruction in basic first aid and other medical training, mobile medical clinics, and other innovative and impactful medical outreach. There are numerous advantages to teaching a local native to deliver basic medical care to their own people.  They speak the language, know the culture and are aware of the local heath problems.  They are more accepted by the local people and the Gospel can be more efficiently delivered.


One of our first efforts is training schoolteachers in Belize on basic first aid skills, and then equipping them with their own first aid kit for their classrooms.  This might seem small to you but in reality this is saving lives.  A basic first aid kit can stop an infection, which in these remote locations is potentially fatal.  We also include, as an optional module in the training, Vineyard’s teachings of healing prayer.  So why the teachers?  They are well educated and they access some of the more remote areas of the country where there are no healthcare providers.

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We have already taught 200 schoolteachers in Belize and will be training another 300 in 2015.  The teaching is helpful but they need basic first aid kits as well.  One kit only costs $15. Help us purchase these by donating money.  Or if you are more hands-on contact us below to join us on one of our mission trips.

Luke’s Brigade is a tax exempt 501(C)3 organization and all donations are eligible tax deductible charitable contributions.

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